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BlingClock Timer 4.0

Creates, displays and controls timers for active tasks
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Paul McGuire

Establish a visual display of watches and timers. Track the remaining time for the completion of a specific task. Customize the timer, pause it or name the task and monitor the countdown. The suite also works in the quick stopwatch and general time modes.

Sometimes it is very important for all people to note down a period of time and don’t miss its ending. For example when you are cooking something and have to turn the gas off in a certain moment. BlingClock Timer 2.0 helps you not to forget about something special. This absolutely free software has only one purpose. It is great countdown timer with nice design and very simple interface. Program’s main window doesn’t have a large and multifunctional toolbar like in many types of software. This is because BlingClock Timer 2.0 simply doesn’t need it. To start countdown just adjust a certain period of time using special buttons with plus and minus on them and press button “Start”. During countdown you can enlarge the time left or press “Pause” button to stop it. After ending of countdown the program plays a special sound. Also it provides a nice system of countdown process visualization. By the way this program’s interface was designed using Java. If you don’t have it installed on your computer and don’t want to install it you can download another version of this software which doesn’t need Java from product’s home page.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Easy interface


  • Doesn't have help file
  • Only one skin
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